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Product Mfg Description Price
IBM 00G2971 pSeries PN 00G2971 00G2971 IBM pSeries PN 00G2971 Call
IBM 43P-140  7043-140 Workstation 43P-140 IBM 7043-140 Workstation Call
IBM 43P-150  7043-150 Workstation 43P-150 IBM 7043-150 Workstation Call
IBM 43P-240  7043-240 Workstation 43P-240 IBM 7043-240 Workstation Call
IBM 43P-260  7043-260 Workstation 43P-260 IBM 7043-260 Workstation Call
IBM 7006-41T  RS 6000 41T 7006-41T IBM RS 6000 41T Call
IBM 7006-41W  RS 6000 41W 7006-41W IBM RS 6000 41W Call
IBM 7006-42T  rs 6000 42T 7006-42T IBM rs 6000 42T Call
IBM 7006-42W  RS 6000 42W 7006-42W IBM RS 6000 42W Call
IBM 7009-C10  IBM 7009 Model C10 7009-C10 IBM IBM 7009 Model C10 Call

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