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IBM eServer p550Q Express

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Save time, money and space when you consolidate on System p5 550 and 550Q Express servers. Get up to 8-core scalability, outstanding price/performance, exceptional RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) features, and a 3-year warranty—all standard—at an affordable price. Powered by IBM’s most advanced 64-bit processor core, POWER5+, these systems have simultaneous multithreading1 for increased system utilization and improved application performance. Like all System p5 Express servers, the System p5 550 and 550Q Express can run the IBM AIX 5L™ and Linux® operating systems simultaneously. The new browser-based Integrated Virtualization Manager makes it easier than ever before to achieve increased utilization when adding low-cost IBM Advanced POWER™ Virtualization features to your system.

The System p5 550Q Express platform is a new breed of 8-core scalable database and application server designed to meet the rigors of transaction-intensive and analytical applications. Powered by IBM’s latest Quad-Core Module (QCM) 1.65 GHz POWER5+ processor cores, the p5-550Q Express delivers outstanding price/performance and high system throughput and is ideally suited for compute-intensive business intelligence (BI), scientific and engineering analytical applications, database applications or server consolidation.

IBM p550Q Express Specifications
Configuration options
Processor cores   Four or eight 64-bit 1.65 GHz POWER5+
Level 2 (L2) cache   1.9MB per processor pair
Level 3 (L3) cache   36MB per processor pair
RAM (memory)   1GB to 64GB of DDR2 SDRAM
Internal disk storage   Up to 2.4TB (31.2TB with optional I/O drawers)
Processor-to-memory bandwidth (peak)   42.2 GBps
L2 to L3 cache bandwidth (peak)   105.6 GBps
I/O subsystem bandwidth (peak)   8.8 GBps
Internal SCSI disk bays   Four standard, plus four optional (10K or 15K rpm disks)
Media bays   Two slimline and one half-high
Adapter slots   Five PCI-X (4 – 133 MHz; 1 – 266 MHz (DDR))
Standard features
I/O ports   Dual channel Ultra320 SCSI controller (internal; RAID optional)
Dual ported Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps controller
Two USB, two HMC, two system ports
Expansion features (optional)
I/O expansion   Up to eight 7311-D20 I/O drawers, each providing seven 64-bit PCI-X slots and up to 12 disk bays (10K or 15K rpm disks)
Connectivity support   4 Gigabit Fibre Channel; 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 4x InfiniBand Switch
Virtualization Engine system technologies
POWER Hypervisor   Dynamic LPAR
Virtual LAN1
Advanced POWER Virtualization1 (optional)   Micro-Partitioning; Shared processor pool; VIOS with IVM; Partition Load Manager (AIX 5L only)
Operating systems   AIX 5L Edition: AIX 5L V5.2 or later
IBM OpenPower™ Edition: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 for POWER (SLES 9) or later; Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 for POWER (RHEL AS 4) or later
Power requirements   100v to 127v or 200v to 240v AC
System dimensions   Deskside: 21.1"H x 7.9"W x 30.7"D (533mm x 201mm x 779mm); weight: 91.0 lb (41.4 kg)2
Rack drawer: 7.0"H (4U) x 17.2"W x 27.0"D (178mm x 437mm x 731mm); weight: 91.0 lb (41.4 kg)2
7311-D20 I/O drawer: 7.0"H (4U) x 19.0"W x 24.0"D (178mm x 482mm x 610mm); weight: 101.0 lb (45.9 kg)2
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